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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.

On the occasion, a show can seem cursed. One thing happens, which leads to another, and sometimes the avalanche occurs.

At this point in time, The Great Big Western Show has been (temporarily) postponed. This is unfortunately due to a combination of cast illness, and problems at the performance space. At this point, some plans have to be shifted, but a viable plan is forming.

There are contracts to be discussed, but the general plan is for the residency program at Future Tenant to be postponed until August, at which time a new script will be premiered at the residency. Meanwhile, negotiations are taking place for a venue to premiere, and we are aiming for May.

In the meantime, things are moving ahead at full speed for our reading of "8" on March 22, 2013 at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts. This is going to be especially relevant as the case in question, Hollingsworth v. Perry, formerly Perry v. Schwarzenegger, will be going before the Supreme Court 4 days after that on March 26.

This reading will be performed free to the public, in the hopes of raising awareness about the issue of marriage equality. Many strides have been made, but we still have far to go. We are hoping to raise awareness at this critical juncture. Please join us for this reading, and a discussion afterwards. For tickets, please email us at theatresansserif@gmail.com, or call (412) 523-9882.

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