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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Magic, and First Night

As I write this, I have successfully closed out the Greatest Little Variety Show at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, where I was performing tricks and illusions along with the Hem Haw See and Saw Puppet Troupe, Belles Lingues (contortionists), as well as the Josh and Gab show. Going back to my sideshow roots, we had two shows a day, three days in a row. It was tiring, but a rather good show.

Moving on to magic, we are proud to announce that we will be joining in with the First Night Pittsburgh celebrations on New Year's eve. More details may be found on the schedule here: http://www.firstnightpgh.org/fest_event/dream-grimoire/

We are looking forward to sharing the Dream Grimoire with the community once again. In this one on one performative piece, the central character is the participant. The Librarian guides each person on their own journey of self-discovery. Given the piece's success at it's premier at Art All Night, I am looking forward to sharing this with a larger audience. Continuous performances will be held from 6pm to 10pm at First Night.

I hope to see you there, and until next time,