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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rehearsal Log #2

Well, I guess first things first. The more aware among you might have noticed that the first rehearsal log was not written by me. Instead, it was written by the new Associate Artistic Director, Kelsey. You will be seeing plenty more of her.

One of the hardest parts of directing is the blocking. In the case of a venue such as Future Tenant, this is doubly so, due to the smaller confines of the space. This means that every move, every cross needs planned and timed out. Fortunately, with today's rehearsal, the actors now have all of the blocking for the show, and we can now focus on the physical comedy, as well as the lines.

We also started to touch on all of the fight work and physical comedy in the script. There are kicks, punches, slaps, falls, kisses, and head butts. There is also a lot of magic and sideshow stunts (fortunately, my specialty.) Part of me is a little worried about just how exhausted we are going to be on the 23rd, with its two shows, but I think we will get through it.

There really haven't been that many amusing anecdotes from these rehearsals, as we have been incredibly busy. I will therefore leave you with a few more images to tease you as to what we are doing.

Until next time,

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