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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rehearsal Log #1

Hello there again!

So, the show has had kind of a rough start (better now than later, though!) - due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, we had to find a new rehearsal space for the first few weeks of the month. Luckily, we found a wonderful space with people who have been extremely gracious, I can't wait to start rehearsals there!

However, because of aforementioned rehearsal space complications, we had to have our most recent rehearsal/table talk at Milano's restaurant on 6th.  It was a really fun and productive time, and as promised, full of fun stories.

So FIRST, the cast ordered a large pizza to share, because nothing fuels creativity like food.  As we're divvying up the slices, someone, and I won't name names, tried to pass the entire pizza tier down to the other end of the table. One thing lead to another, and about 3/4 of the pizza slid off the tier, past someone else, and both pizza and metal plate crashed onto the floor. Not only that, but there is an open space in between the floor and window of the second floor of Milano's, and that's where much of the pizza went. So essentially, we made it rain pizza on anyone of the first floor. (You're welcome) Thankfully, our waitress wasn't angry, we cleaned up the pizza and got another, and the waitress blamed the mess on the party of children that were also upstairs. Note: I do feel slightly guilty about that, because that group of 20 or so children were about a million times better behaved than we were.

Second, we had another read-through of the script at the table, so everyone could get more comfortable with the flow of the show and address and questions/concerns. During said reading, we were probably louder than average, but it was manageable until we got to a heated part of the script and someone shouted "HELP! HEEELLP!" He was immediately shushed by the rest of the table, but not before everyone in the restaurant turned to look at our section. Indignance abounded, and rehearsal had to be paused while we got our giggles under control.

All's well that ends well, though - a combination of a truly wonderful and good-natured waitress, a large tab and a healthy tip made sure we are still welcome back, and the show has had its first round of embarrassing occurrences. At least after that rehearsal, no one should be afraid to act foolish in rehearsals, which is exactly what we'll need - this show is pretty exclusively foolish :)  That being said, if anyone's looking for a place to eat/purchase libation downtown, I recommend Milano's...Partially because I like it there, and partially because I feel like we owe them patronage :P

That's all for now, check back soon for more tomfoolery!


P.S. Here's a picture of the pizza carnage - it got stuck on the glass of the atrium. Thanks, Kyle for risking personal shame to get this pic

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