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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thoughts on Returning

For those of you who know me, it has been a rather busy year, in the non-professional sense. I have recently returned to work from a long (at least for me) leave of absence. I am perfectly fine, but someone close to me was not, so I put the priority of taking care of them first. To that end, I put a hold on new productions for the time being.

Now that things have begun to stabilize, I am returning to more work. While I was preparing to type this blog post in particular about some of the new projects in the works (which I will be doing later) I received some news that a classmate of mine had ended his life. Naturally, this is more in my thoughts at the moment.

To be fair, to say that he and I were "close" is a dramatic understatement. In fact the closest we were was when I tackled him as we were practicing football. In theory, since I made the decision to detach myself from where I went to school, his death shouldn't be hitting very hard. Instead, it is surprisingly so.

Following my graduation, the numbers of people that I attended school with, both high school and college, is slowly starting to dwindle. These have been to a variety of causes, ranging from disease, accidents, drug use, and suicide. In each case, I knew them personally, and had, since the time passed where we had class together, grown more distant. I suppose I am selfish in this case, as each time I hear of another's passing, I think of them, what happened, but then a small voice reminds me that the clock is ticking to achieve what I want to accomplish. This is truly an odd feeling, considering I just recently celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday.

To that end, I am glad to be returning back to the work that I feel I had neglected during my leave. There is much planning, but as usual, it appears that next year will be even bigger than last year.

The best thing to do in this case: Celebrate the season with those you care about, Laugh, and Live.

Until Next Time,

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